Miller’s Valley: A Master’s Story of Family, Memory, Loss, and Finding Home

Hear why readers and listeners relate and engage in Anna Quindlen’s novels.

Narrator Brittany Pressley shares her appreciation of Anna Quindlen’s involving story, MILLER’S VALLEY, with AudioFile Magazine.

“For me it was the kind of book that as soon as I was finished reading it, I immediately wanted to read it again.” -Brittany Pressley

by Anna Quindlen, read by Brittany Pressley

We always admire the outward simplicity and underlying resonance of Anna Quindlen’s novels. In a quiet, unaffected performance, narrator Brittany Pressley makes 1960s Miller’s Valley, Pennsylvania, incredibly real. The government is pressuring residents to move because of a plan to flood the town and make it a reservoir. Pulitzer Prize winner Anna Quindlen’s eighth novel is engrossing listening. Listen to a sound clip and read our full review HERE

a7f4a7a5-1314-4537-9021-4342b8cd8d46.jpgNarrator Brittany Pressley
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“I was truly honored when I learned Anna Quindlen had selected me to narrate Miller’s Valley. The challenge for narrating this book was in accurately and sincerely portraying Mimi Miller from age 11 to 60. The story jumps back and forth in time, so I needed to depict both young Mimi’s charm and optimism as well as present-day Mimi’s grounded maturity in a voice that would not be too jarring for the listener.” -Brittany Pressley

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