Everybody’s Fool: A Whole Lovely Mud-Pit of Flawed People

Hear what it was like to inhabit Richard Russo’s crazy—but oddly heroic—community in EVERYBODY’S FOOL.

2016 Best Audiobooks
Award Winner

Narrator Mark Bramhall recently stepped into his dressing room between performances of Dancing at Lughnasa to give AudioFile Magazine an exclusive behind-the-mic perspective of reading Richard Russo’s EVERYBODY’S FOOL. Hear what it was like to encounter the crazy, wonderful, sad, bizarre community of North Bath, New York.

“I hope that he’s happy with what I did . . . because I’m now chief among Russo’s fans.” -Mark Bramhall

by Richard Russo, read by Mark Bramhall
Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award

Here at AudioFile we knew this audiobook would be an Editors’ Pick as soon as we pushed play! Mark Bramhall is superbly skilled and has a beautiful voice with amazing range, but what astonishes here is his humanity, not to mention sense of humor, as he brings Russo’s entire town of North Bath, New York, to madcap life. Russo has never been better than in this virtuoso revisit to the scene of his earlier book, NOBODY’S FOOL. Listen to a sound clip and read our full review of EVERYBODY’S FOOL HERE

Narrator Mark Bramhall
Photo: Daniel Reichert

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“I didn’t know Richard Russo’s work until I opened this fabulous book, so it was daunting to realize that it was essentially a small epic, and that I was to embody this whole lovely mud-pit of flawed people. It was a huge privilege, and a wonderful learning experience, to find Russo’s sweet irony and live for a while in his crazy–but oddly heroic–community.” -Mark Bramhall

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