Tuesday Tease: Daughters of the Bride

Narrator Tanya Eby paints the humorous saga of three sisters preparing for their mother’s wedding.

by Susan Mallery, read by Tanya Eby
Blackstone Audio
AudioFile Review

Susan Mallery’s story of the months leading up to Maggie’s wedding seems light and comedic at first, but as the wedding draws near, Courtney, Sienna, and Rachel face crises that have festered since their father’s death. Narrator Tanya Eby keys into a genuine reservoir of feeling that will have listeners thinking about their own family dynamic with new  candor. Humorous dialogue and personal reflections meld into a heartfelt, out of the ordinary story.

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Till next Tuesday’s Tease!
-Caitlin Augusta

Mystery Monday: Those Who Wish Me Dead

Start the week with this “watch out” thriller—and remember to look over your shoulder!

Robert Petkoff knows the territory well—Michael Koryta territory that is.  And, he knows the characters. Listen to Robert Behind the Mic as he tells us about narrating THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD—set in the wilderness of Montana.

“Koryta sits right on the razor’s edge of supernatural. Is it in the character’s head, or is it real?”—Robert Petkoff

Michael Koryta, read by Robert Petkoff
Hachette Audio
2015 Audie Award Winner

“The clock is ticking, the mountains are burning, and those who wish Jace Wilson dead are no longer far behind.” Is your heart pounding yet? Wait until you meet the killers. Robert Petkoff draws listeners in with Michael Koryta’s relentless suspense.

robert-petkoff-by-col-brandon-600x750.jpgphoto by Col Brandon

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Self Sunday: The Mind Club

Who Thinks, What Feels, and Why It Matters . . . with jokes.

How do we, as individuals and in groups, communicate thoughts and feelings? How do we arouse empathy from others? Narrator David Marantz went Behind The Mic with AudioFile to tell us about his experience narrating THE MIND CLUB. And, we’re surprised and delighted to hear about the humor of this audiobook. David even includes his own “outtake” when he laughed so hard he had to stop recording.

“It’s not just dry philosophy—it’s philosophy filled with humanity and philosophy filled with humor.”

114771.jpgTHE MIND CLUB
Daniel M. Wegner & Kurt Gray, read by David Marantz
Audible, Inc/Brilliance Audio

We love when audiobooks surprise you. Here the authors discuss many very human, very serious topics about our emotions, but as narrator David Marantz shows us, there’s a lot to learn, to ponder, and even to laugh about in THE MIND CLUB. Listen to a sound clip and read our full review here!

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